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Who needs PR?

Good question. Here's a few people who do:

  • Charities with research they want to get out there

  • A small business that's got a great new product ready to go

  • People who have messed up. Badly

  • People and brands who want to get, or maintain, a good public image













Loads of people, really. It's not just for high-flyers and it's not all fluff, or smoke and mirrors. Done right, it can be of massive value, helping you reach more people and get your message out there.


Why me?

There are loads of PR agencies out there, so it's a fair question. What are you getting from me that is different?

My name is Neil Mckeown, this is my site, and I am probably as removed from the stereotype of "a PR" as you can get. 

I took the long road

I got here via stints as in-house PR at the University of Greenwich and Millwall FC (18 years between them). Before that I was a journalist. Before that I did a load of jobs:

  • Bartender and waiter in New York

  • Warehouse worker

  • Retail 

  • Putting up steel fences in a sewage farm for one unforgettable week of a heatwave (all UK)

If I'm working for you, I'm all over it. When I send something to a journalist I'm sending it wrapped in my - and your - reputation. We have to make it immaculate to justify bugging people who get hundreds of emails a day. 

I combine traditional and digital PR work to help you make a splash. I learned motion graphics/animation because it can make your brand stand out. If you are a charity or a small business I can do things like this for you - it'd cost double to hire a PR person and an animation one. With me, you get both

I'm also mustard in a crisis. So, if you want great copy, innovative ideas, and a mania for getting you the best results, please get in touch. 

This picture is a stock "PR' pic used to break up the text. It's called "stand-up meeting". Why are they not seated? This is deranged behaviour.

Our work gets around

Our Services

Public Relations

Let's get your story in front of the right people. 

Everything from a full campaign to lighting-fast  "newsjacking".  

Loudhaler image

Creative visuals for impactful storytelling

Media Relations

Maybe you're getting ready for a product launch, or some new research? 

Or maybe - gulp - something's about to hit the fan.

For whatever reason, if you need to speak to the media I can help. 

Telephone image


Press Conference Microphones

"Neil has a great sense for what people will like and is able to write entertaining material which helps get your message across. And when media enquiries come in, he deals with them quickly and efficiently."

David Waterworth,
gallery curator

"Neil has a real knack for taking the sometimes unfamiliar language of the art world and putting it in a simple, clear manner. He turns work around very quickly and accurately to ensure some really good coverage." 

Stephen Thomas,
energy expert

"While working with Neil my work has featured on the BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4, Guardian, Financial Times, Metro, Wired, as well as international and trade media, helping me become a 'go to' for comment in my field." 

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