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Show, don't tell with motion graphics

What are motion graphics? Animation, basically. They are a great way of making complicated things easy to follow, such as this clip of medicine in blood. It can also make your logo stand out, such as the Arts Emergency ones, or just show that you're open for business.
Clips can be optimised for phone viewing, as with the blood one, because most people are now online on their phone. On TikTok, 85% of traffic is on phones. People are searching there more and more - so you need to be there.

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This one is a Christmas "panic button". The idea was, you're having a dull Christmas so you hit the button and it takes you to Joe's entertainment pages. The animations shows the user pressing the button, which sets off the alarm (the Star Trek red alert one). They didn't go for it but I feel the idea has legs. Let me know below if you agree (or don't)! 
Another great way of projecting logos is to use objects that relate to the brand - in these cases, elements of Manchester United and Everton's club badges (Toffee TV is an Everton YouTube channel). The United one has the camera moving around a silo of badges before they all come crashing down. The Toffee TV one has a stationary camera which the tower shapes come crashing past. 
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