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Arts Emergency animations

At a time when the creative industries seem to be ever-more stuffed with the privately educated, or people with parents in the game, Arts Emergency's work is more important than ever. If you see 'motion graphics' it basically means 'animation'.
These animations use the AE logo in a few eye-catching ways. If your logo could use a bit of this kind of thing, get in touch!
This uses a screen to project quick-changing images to give a sense of urgency. The screen can be any shape and the setting can be changed to suit your needs. This could be used to give a little more zap to, say, an interview to camera or a highlights reel.
These two are basically the same, using a load of paint brushes to make up the AE logo. 
One has a glass film overlayed, which gives a sort of light-catching-on-oil effect. 
This one has a mosaic effect, showing the logo.
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