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Euro 2024 food map gets fans drooling

Football fans heading to Euro 2024 in Germany needn’t pine for their favourite food, thanks to a new map showing where everyone can enjoy a taste of home.

Whether it’s Polish pierogi (savoury dumplings), Croatian ćevapi (grilled minced meat) or even good old fish and chips, the Euro 2024 map has hungry supporters covered. 

Map showing host Euro 2024 cities and which foods from home they have.

The map, by PR company Two-footed, shows where each country’s favourite food can be found in the 10 cities hosting the tournament group stages.

Two-footed’s Neil Mckeown said: “Whether you’re longing for the taste of home or fancy a bash at trying every country’s food, the Euro 2024 food map has all the info you need.

“As well as a map of the whole of Germany, there are google maps of each city. They can all be saved to your phone so you can gorge your way around the championships.

“For vegetarian and vegan options, just search the map plenty come up. ”

City-by-city guide


The nation’s capital welcomes fans from Spain, Croatia, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands for the group stages.

Berlin map graphic, showing locations of each nation's food.
Each host city has a picture map with each nation's food and where to get it, such as this Berlin one

First up (15 June) is Spain v Croatia and fans of both can find their country’s favourite foods. While Sabor Latino is a Peruvian restaurant, it serves up great chicharron, a kind of fried pork. And Croatians can find their ćevapi, a grilled minced meat dish, at Marjan Grill.

Poland take on Austria (21 June) and supporters of both nations are covered here. Poland’s pierogi (savoury dumplings) are on the menu at Polish Dainty, while Austrains can enjoy krapens (filled donuts) at Sugarclan.

Last up (25 June) is the battle of the sweets as the Netherlands take on Austria. Stroopwafels are a Dutch favourite and available at Zuckerberg (no relation).


Hungary take on Switzerland in Cologne’s first group match (15 June), which sees goulash (stew or soup) going up against rosti (fried potato). Puszta-Hütte does good goulash, while Bei d’r Tant is the place to go for rosti. Also popular in Hungary is langos, a kind of fried flatbread. A local source says there is a truck doing langos near the entrance of Schönhauser Allee Arkaden (close to the fruit stall right in front of the U Schönhauser Allee).

Cologne map graphic, showing locations of each nation's food.
Cologne city map

Switzerland then take on Scotland (19 June), which means Haferkater for some porridge. Belgium play Romania (22 June) so it’s moules-frites at Brasserie Marie or, for a Turkish take on ciorbă de burtă (tripe soup), head for Yee Doy Döner & Grillgerichte Köln Kalk. 

England come to town on 25 June to face Slovenia, where trout is a big favourite. Head to Esser's Inn for that or, for fish and chips, try Reefhouse.


Dortmund’s first group game sees Italy up against Albania (15 June). Pizzeria Firenze is the place to go for pizza, while Albanians can find qofte (meatballs) at Bona`me. Three days later Turkey take on Georgia, which means it’s Pamukkale Grill for doner, or Georgisches Restaurant for khinkali (dumplings).

Dortmund map graphic, showing locations of each nation's food.
Dortmund city map

Turkey face Portugal on 22 June and Casa Portuguesa is the place to go for Portugese food, particularly pastel de nata, which are like egg custard tarts.

Rounding things off is France v Poland (25 June). For great crepes, it’s got to be Crepe-Moni GbR. For Polish pierogi (savoury dumplings) head to Watra Restaurant.


Düsseldorf hosts Austria and France first up (17 June). For krapfen, filled donuts, try Bäckerei Hinkel, and for Escargot (snails) it’s Brasserie Stadthaus. Slovakia play Ukraine on 21 June, which means it’s Zum Schlüssel for as close to kapustnica (spicy soup with meat and veg) as you’ll get. For Ukrainian borscht, which is a beetroot soup, it’s Shemesh Restaurant & Bar.

Düsseldorf map graphic, showing locations of each nation's food.
Düsseldorf city map

The last of the group games sees Albania take on Spain (24 June). Souvlaki (grilled meat) is big in Albania so try Grill House 56. For Spanish tapas and paella, head to Sol y Sombra.


Seven nations have group games in Frankfurt, starting with Belgium v Slovakia (17 June). For moules-frites try Brasserie du Sud. Slovakians might find it hard to find kapustnica, their favourite spicy soup, but a close effort can be found in Zur Schönen Müllerin.

Frankfurt map graphic, showing locations of each nation's food.
Frankfurt city map

Denmark face England on 20 June. Again, Danes will struggle to find flæskesteg (roast pork), but there’s great pork at Gaststätte Atschel. For Scandinavian food there is the Swedish Restaurant Svea. As for fish and chips, it’s got to be Waxy’s Irish Pub.

Three days later Switzerland play Germany. Swiss rosti fans should head to Eckhaus, while there is great schnitzel at Ebbelwoi Unser.

Rounding off the group is Slovakia v Romania (26 June). Romanian food is really hard to find but Restaurant Moldovenesc Țărăncuța has Moldovan food, although it is a bit of a trek.


Gelsenkirchen’s first group game is Serbia v England (16 June). Pljeskavica, a kind of spiced mince, is a big favourite with Serbians and they do good work at Aroma Balkan Spezialitäten. England fans can get fish and chips at the rather fancy-looking steakhouse Gaststätte Haus Siebrecht or, if you fancy a curry, try Taste of Masala. 

Gelsenkirchen map graphic, showing locations of each nation's food.
Gelsenkirchen city map

Spain face Italy in the pick of the group stages (20 June). For great tapas try Pulpo en Tigges while, for pizza, head to Pizza Slice Gelsenkirchen. Georgia v Portugal (26 June) is the last of the group action here. Georgians love grilled lamb on skewers (kebabi) and it can be found at Greek restaurant Akropolis-Grill. Portuguese restaurant Bei Gil has you covered for food, and also has a great beer garden.


As well as the Beatles and prostitution, Hamburg is known for some great places to eat. Poland take on the Netherlands on 16 June, so it’s pierogi (dumplings) at Pani Smak, or waffles (proper Dutch stroopwafels look impossible to find) at WonderWaffel.

Hamburg map graphic, showing locations of each nation's food.
Hamburg city map

Three days later Croatia play Albania, where ćevapi (grilled meat) an be found at Burek & Ćevapčići. Albanian qofte (meatballs) are harder to find but try Karlsons Skandinavische Köstlichkeiten for something similar.

Georgia v Czech Republic (22 June) means khachapuri (cheese and egg in bread) at Suliko, and Czech goulash at Wloka’s. 

Four days later it’s Turkey taking on the Czech Republic. For great doner try Köz Urfa. 


Portugal kick off Leipzig’s group games when they take on the Czech Republic (18 June). For the Portuguese pastel de nata (egg custard tarts) it’s Pastel Cafébar. For goulash it’s Gasthaus Phönix.

Leipzig map graphic, showing locations of each nation's food.
Leipzig city map

Dutch fans will again struggle to find stroopwafels but there’s good stuff at Magic Waffle. They face France, where Le Petit Franz has escargot.

Then it’s Croatia v Italy (24 june). For ćevapi (Croatian grilled meat) head to Sofra-Leipzig. If it’s Italian panettone you’re after, it’s Backstein bakery.  


Munich kicks off the tournament with hosts Germany v Scotland on 14 June. Great schnitzel is everywhere but Steinheil 16 is well worth a go. Scots will have a job finding Irn-Bru (although suggestions are HIT supermarket has it) or haggis but there’s good porridge at Haferkater.

Munich map graphic, showing locations of each nation's food.
Munich city map

Romania tackle Ukraine on 17 June. Restaurant Romanesc is a Romanian place and it does the lot, including sarmale (stuffed cabbage rolls). Ukrainians can find their beetroot soup, borscht, at Gastro Oma München.

Three days later it’s Slovenia v Serbia. There’s no chance for Slovenian potica (pastry filled with nuts) but apparently Slovenians love dumplings, and so do the people of Munich. Try Ledu Happy Dumplings (yes, it’s Chinese). For pljeskavica, (spiced minced meats) it’s got to be Mimi Grill.


Stuttgart’s first game is Slovenia v Denmark (16 June). The Meat Club has kranjska, (smoked sausage) while Danes’ love of pork should steer them to Vaihinger Wirtshaus.

Stuttgart map graphic, showing locations of each nation's food.
Stuttgart city map

Germany take on Hungary three days later. Try Schnitzelkönig for schnitzel or Weinstube Kachelofen for goulash. 

It’s Scotland v Hungary next (23 June) so head to The Auld Rogue Irish Pub for fish and chips. Last up is Ukraine v Belgium (26 June) and apparently Ukranians love oysters so try Schwemme. Belgian waffle fans can get their fix at Eiscafé La Luna am Marienplatz (they’re not actually Belgian waffles but they are good).


Some of the foods were taken from Insure and Go’s survey: Every country’s must-try local delicacy revealed

Others were found using google search, google map search and in May 2024, seeing which of the national foods were available, and well reviewed, in the respective host cities.

All graphics were produced in-house by Two-footed.

There are two versions of the city maps: the ones above and also the same without the food pictures. They are in the folder marked "Maps no food pics"


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